A Riad, which means garden in Arabic, is a traditional Moroccan house.

A Riad, which means garden in Arabic, is a traditional Moroccan house or palace with an interior courtyard that usually features a fountain and palm trees with no roof.
The building which houses 72 is over one hundred years old. Recently renovated  and transformed into a luxury hotel.
The design concept behind the Riad is to preserve women's privacy, a traditional muslim and Moroccan concept. There are no windows in the outward perimeter, while within the walls, the layout is designed so that you don't see what's inside. The 72 is located in the Bab Doukkala neighborhood, part of the Medina, and is easy walking distance to the souks, but far enough away to ensure a bit of tranquillity. A hotspot for antiques hunters, many of the city’s best dealers are located in this area.

The Courtyards

The "Salle Rouge" 

The roof-top terrace


Relaxing and enchanting, the patio is the heart of the Riad. There is a beautiful fountain and a blue sky above and birds can be found singing hidden in the palm trees. It is also the outdoor setting of our restaurant "La Table du Riad".


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A cozy and beautiful lounge area is Best enjoyed during the winter time or the hottest summer days. The perfect setting for a cocktail while listening to some Moroccan music.



The terrace of the 72 is very special since it's the highest in the Medina. You can overlook the old city, the Koutoubia tower and the Atlas Mountains. Great for a sunset cocktail, lazy breakfast or a private dinner.


The Hammam

The Library

The Balconies

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A hammam in Marrakech is the quintessential Moroccan spa treatment, the likes of which are unknown anywhere else in the world. It consists of several stages of cleansing, including alternating hot and cold water, lavish use of the area’s famous black soap and lots of scrubbing, of course.


A small library on the 'salle rouge' is the perfect place to have a cup of fresh mint tea and read a good book about the culture and history of Morocco and the imperial cities. 


The balconies are an iconic characteristic of the Riad. At  the 72 the balconies go all around the square perimeter and offer the perfect place to view both the patio below and the blue sky above.